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Why choose us as your Elixir hiring partner?

We Help you Hire Elixir programmers and Developers

Reach Local Elixir Talent

Get direct access to Elixir talent pool.

Save Time

Delegate sourcing of Elixir candidates to elixirfactory.io

Save Money

Significantly reduce your hiring costs.

Top Elixir Talent

We have access to thousands of Elixir developers.


We help you establish relationships and use employees retention techniques to ensure team loyalty.

Strict Hiring

Our hiring process is strict. We do extensive testing to only keep the best.

expertise in Elixir

What makes ElixirFactory so special?

ElixirFactory specializes in Elixir. We have a team of Elixir developers ready to take on your project!

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Elixir Developers

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We specialize in Elixir.

our team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

We are looking for talented and driven individuals to join our fast growing team.


How it Works

We have a simple 5 step process in place. You reach out to us with your need, we agree on our collaboration, then you send us your job descriptions, we help you source the talent, send you resumes of potential candidates. If you decide to move forward with a particular candidate, you make an offer, if the offer is accepted, we reached our objective.

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We Assess
We Research
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Twice a week, we publish new Elixir stories on our blog. You can read more by simply clicking on the story that you love.

Introduction to Elixir

October 29, 2021


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